Lettuce has the last name of the farmer and we buy the cheese around the corner. Maybe it’s a bit exaggerated… but not so much. In the restaurant Villa de Brihuega we simmer lifelong dishes, always with quality and flavor.

We buy the raw material from the producers of our territory, and we update the recipes to conquer the palate of our customers.

Also highlight the importance of our wine cellar. We have wines near the province of Guadalajara, others farther away, known and less famous… These wines are the perfect pairing for our gastronomy.

These are the keys to our restaurant:

Kilometer zero, local product. It is the base of our shopping list. We use quality food and producers from our area. Vegetables, meat from nearby farms, Alcarria’s honey…

Updated recipes. We give a twist to traditional recipes. The result is a tasty and different menu.

Grilled. We have a Josper oven for grilling meats, fish, vegetables… Live cooking, in view of our customers.

The best wines. Wines with their own personality. Wines that fit perfectly with our dishes. Also, we have a fun wine list.

Of course, our team… They are the essential ingredient of our gastronomy.

Bon appetit!