The hostel Villa de Brihuega has 30 double rooms designed to rest and disconnect from the routine in a unique environment. After visiting Brihuega, the villages of La Alcarria or the lavender fields during the summer, arriving at the hostel should prolong the pleasure of the experience.


  • We have 30 double rooms, all with private bathrooms.
  • Five of our rooms are attic. Their wooden ceilings give them a very special charm.
  • All rooms are air-conditioned. Comfort comes first.

The calm of the town is breathed in the rooms. A space to rest and relax. A small transit home to replenish energy and return to the routine with well-charged batteries.

The traveler will find in the Villa de Brihuega hostel that resting place that for decades other travelers have enjoyed in this same building. So many years later, the Hostel-Restaurant Villa de Brihuega starts a new stage as ‘travelers and meals house’.